Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Candy Man

So it's been a week. I knew it had been a very long time and I won't even pretend that it's all been good times and that I wrote down everything I ate. I didn't.

I did ok until Saturday night when my hubby went fishing and I had a box of macaroni for dinner. Dov went to the store to get his own dinner, and brought home two packages of Double Stuff Oreos because they were on sale, plus root beer and ice cream to make floats with. On Sunday afternoon, we went grocery shopping and stuck to my list from Meal Mixer, except that Dov bought a huge bag of bulk candy.

I don't know what to do with him. I think he's afraid I will lose too much weight. He likes the chubby girls.

But the more I lose, the better chance we have to get pregnant.

We're back on the plan today. For breakfast we had a German Pancake (which turned out more like a cracker than a pancake) and breakfast potatoes (which was a Yukon Gold potato microwaved for 8 minutes, then cut up and sauteed until golden brown in a little butter).

For lunch we had Turkey Swiss Lettuce wraps with reduced fat potato chips and applesauce, which I got a no-sugar variety and I didn't really like it, but I'll learn to...

For dinner, we're having something called "Jerusalem Chicken" which has artichokes and other veggies mixed in. Should be tasty!

I need to start walking again. My heel started hurting, so I think I need to get some better shoes. And my yoga mat got put away for a few days - so it's time to drag it back out.

I have a funeral on Friday and I'm going to be seeing some old family friends and possibly some people I went to school with. Ugh. I'm most worried about running into my friend's parents. Maybe they won't show. But they probably will.