Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stupid Olympics

I don't know why NBC waits until 11:30 to start showing the events that we all want to watch. We were up until 1:30am watching Nastia Luken win the Women's All Around on Thursday night, then had to get up at 4:45 to be ready to fly to Spokane. I've been so exhausted from going to bed at midnight or later that when lunch rolls around, I try to catch some winks instead of walking...

The diet was back burnered for awhile. I guess my friend's attitude really did fry my cheese after all. Although, I didn't go totally crazy. I had chicken & vegetables for as many meals as Dov could stand it. We had hamburgers for a few meals. I finished off the Soy Power cereal...

This weekend at Silverwood, we ate decent. It was 102 degrees, so we had lots of water. And we did get an ice cream cone that was way out of control. I ordered a double scoop and I'm sure they packed a pint of ice cream on that cone...which if I had gotten two normal size scoops and was charged $4.00 for it, I wouldn't have been as happy, so there you go...I shared a lot of it with my niece who sat next to me saying "say peas" and opening her mouth like a little bird. Still, I ate the lions share.

After looking at the pictures from this weekend, however, I am back on track. Dov and I went to the store last night and picked up the whole produce section of QFC, lots of fish and chicken and the highest Fiber cereal and bread we could find.

I got stabbed in the foot by a catfish this weekend but I don't seem to be having any ill effects from it so I should be able to walk at lunch. (The poor little guy fell into the boat instaed of the water and while he was thrashing about, he stabbed me with his pectoral fin...hurt like you would not believe. I soaked my foot in peroxide for 90 minutes. Not a whole lot of swelling, and the wound is looking good, so I think I'll be okay. And now I know that I am offically not allergic to catfish poison.)

Anyway, for breakfast this morning, I had a 1/2 cup of cereal, a 1/4 cup of blueberries and a banana. For lunch, Dov made his lemon & onion chicken with rice. I also brought a Braeburn apple. For dinner tonight, we'll steam rockfish fillets and I'll roast the brussel sprouts and we'll have boiled fingerling potatoes with salt & pepper, olive oil & italian herbs.