Sunday, January 10, 2010


We're moving! At the end of the month. A three bedroom apartment on the ground floor so Dov will have room to set up shop. We can't wait!

We've started the packing already. 25 boxes of books, magazines, videos, DVD's and CD's. And that was just what's in the living room!

We're tackling one area at a time, and are trying to have everything packed up well in advance of the move, so that we don't have the last minute scramble where we just throw everything in boxes labeled "Your Guess is as good as mine."

My sister-in-law was telling me about a comedienne she saw that was talking about moving and how the labels on the boxes went from "Living Room," "Kitchen," "Bedroom," to "Crap I don't need" and "I hate my crap."

We're hoping to avoid that...

For now, I'm taking down Christmas decorations (finally) and reorganizing the spare room to handle all the boxes. Where we have them currently stacked is fine...if we never want to leave the apartment! Unfortunately, we've already discovered it's a good place to set purses, keys and coats...

The dogs are getting nervous - there are a lot of boxes around, and Bubbles doesn't know what to make of the reorganization. She's jumpy and excitable at the best of times, but this has just made her a little more edgy.

She'll live.

Well, back to the boxes! They aren't going to pack themselves!

Fun, fun!