Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Granny. May she rest in peace!

My grandmother passed away last weekend. She died between 1 & 2am on Saturday. We had the graveside service on Tuesday, and we're planning the Memorial Service for Sunday, June 7th. She was a formidable woman, and I loved her lots.

We're going to have a time for family members to share a memory about Granny, and Gabby picked my Jello story. I re-wrote it the way it actually happened, which should be entertaining for those who knew her.

Currently, I have no idea what I'm going to say. I keep coming back to her stubbornness. The good and the bad...she insisted that Gabby would go blind if we didn't keep her bangs out of her eyes. But she prayed for all of her family, every day. We'd exasperate her at times, but she loved us all. She preached salvation to all of her sisters and their families, and rejoiced as she saw signs that her prayers had been answered.

The back page of her Bible had lists of the people that she prayed for every morning, which included not only her family, but all of our friends and anyone we mentioned to her.

As her memory faded, her stubbornness did not. Time may have stopped for her in 2005, but her love for her family and for Jesus never will.

She was very proud of the church and the school, and considered every person that attended the school a part of her family. She was proud of all of us.

I love her and I miss her, but I know I'll see her again one day, and I won't be surprised at all at how many people owe their presence in Heaven to her faithfulness!