Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's that I said about daily blogging?

Tuesday night we had Chicken in an improvised barbecue sauce, potatoes sliced thin and baked with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and peas with honey. Stephanie made a fresh peach pie for dessert. It was fantastic.

Wednesday was our first day eating off the Meal Mixer menu. We had scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast. We were also supposed to have raisin bran, but I was stuffed after just that. For lunch, we had roast beef wraps where I used a whole wheat tortilla, a little mayo, some thin sliced roast beef and a half cup of spinach. We were supposed to have some low fat potato chips, but I had some leftover 100 calorie packs of Oreos so I had that instead. For dinner, I made Goat cheese Pasta with whole wheat penne from Barilla, some sliced tomatoes and a large clove of garlic. It was absolute heaven. With it, we had pecan broccoli, where we toasted a clove of garlic and some pecans in 1 tbl of olive oil, then sauteed the broccoli afterwards. It was really good. Dov was still hungry after dinner, so he had some lime sherbert. I was stuffed, and just drank some water.

Thursday, we had a bacon breakfast pizza: whole wheat english muffin topped with bacon (1 slice per person) and an egg over easy topped with 1 tbl of mozzerella. We were supposed to have scrambled eggs as well, but just the pizza was enough. It was also supposed to have pizza sauce on it, but it was good without it. For lunch, I made Turkey & Swiss Lettuce wraps and jarred applesauce. I took a romano lettuce leaf and spread a little mayo, then put on two slices of deli turkey and a slice of processed swiss cheese. I put a slice of onion on it and wrapped it up. I took a small jar of applesauce and about 10 grape tomatoes. I got home from work early and had a banana. It wasn't on the menu, but Judy and I had budgeted an extra 30-60 carbs that are not listed on the menu, so I didn't feel bad about it. I did, however feel bad about the Milk Duds I snacked on before I made dinner. I ended up throwing the box away since most of them were melted together, but I'd still had about 20 of them before I stopped. I'm pretty sure that's the last of the candy in the house. Now when I get snacky, I grab a handful of almonds or pistachios. For dinner, we had a vegetable pizza. I rolled out a Pillsbury pizza dough and topped it with a 1/2 cup Garden Combination spaghetti sauce from Ragu. (I found the pizza sauce in the cupboard later...) I topped it with green onions, black olives, artichoke hearts and sliced roma tomatoes. I topped it all with shredded mozzerella. I cut it into eight slices and ended up having three. It was really good.

Friday, I had a western omelet with cubed ham, green pepper (the remainder from last night) onions and egg substitute. I had a slice of wheat toast with it. For lunch, I had the remainder of the vegetable pizza. For dinner, we went to our friends house for a barbecue. I had three crackers with crab/shrimp dip, a couple of tortilla chips and guacamole, some large chunks of grilled chicken and peppers. Angela made a salad with cucumbers, avocado and red onion in a red wine vinagarette which was fantastic. I had more chips with salsa and guacamole. I ended up drinking two diet cokes, a root beer and a regular coke over the course of the afternoon. For dessert, someone made an apple cake with a coconut topping. I ate a 2" square, and finished Dovs. He kept going back and grazing while we played croquet and horseshoes, which was fun with the pugs running around! THANK GOD we've been working on the "come" command. Bubbles was almost hit twice, but she was sufficiently tired out by the time the fireworks came on TV.

This morning for breakfast, I had a cordon bleu omelet with toast. Actually, I took two thin sliced pieces of deli ham and put it in a pan topped with a slice of swiss cheese. When the cheese was warm, I put in a 1/3 cup of egg substitute and when I tried to pick up the sides to see if I could fold it, it squished. So I took the whole wheat toast, put the ham & cheese on top of it, scrambled the rest of the egg subsitute and made an open face sandwich. For lunch, I'll have the Tuna Sandwich with a 100 calorie pack of Oreos. For dinner, we're having Chicken Beet & Bleu Cheese Salad, chicken nuggets, a fruit salad and refrigerator biscuits.

I like this Meal Mixer idea. I'm going to experiment next week and see if I can shift more calories to lunch and dinner. And, I've been kind of mixing and matching with the meals, too. I have a feeling some days are more carb heavy than others, but I've got the extra 30-60 carb snacks to play with.

I've found that I'm not starving at lunch when I have more protein at breakfast, and then I'm not as hungry when I get home. I have a handful of almonds when I get home and that takes the edge off until Dov gets home for dinner.

I need to start doing more exercise as well. I've been walking with Melissa, but we missed a couple of days last week because of the rain. We missed on Wednesday, but Scott and I built my new desk, and we were both sweating pretty hard by the end. It looks good though. We need to fix a couple of things, but we need an electric screwdriver to do it. We'll have it all fixed on Monday.

Dov's working again today and I'm doing laundry. And hanging out with the dogs. Good time for yoga!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The weekend

Friday night we saw Wall-E. I never thought Pixar could pull off a silent movie, but it's very cute. Before we left, we took the rest of our bagged salad mix and sliced up the remaining flank steak that I warmed up in the microwave. It was fantastic.

Saturday, I had cereal for breakfast and the leftover salad with a little shredded Italian Cheese and some more mushrooms. For dinner, I picked up chicken kebabs from Albertsons. Dov picked up Shrimp skewers on his way home, so we had those grilled with another bagged salad with a sliced up avocado and several vegetables. There was a lot of salad left over. I had also boiled some red potatoes, so we had those too. Very tasty!

Sunday, I had toaster waffles and syrup for breakfast. Yummy! Then for lunch I had leftover salad with cheese and a yogurt. And a small box of strawberry whoppers. I was bored. Dov works on the weekends, and the 4th will be the 2nd long weekend I'll spend by myself. (sigh) I need a strategy to fight snacking in the late afternoons. I also had a major headache. For dinner, we went downtown and I had sweet & Sour pork with rice.

Monday, I had the last of the waffles for breakfast. At lunch, I had the leftover sweet & sour pork and a yogurt. In the afternoon, I nibbled on baby carrots. For dinner, we went to Chipotle, and I had a vegetarian burrito. It was really good.

I found a website called, where I can print out menus, recipes and shopping lists, and signed up. We went grocery shopping, and even the checkout clerk mentioned how I had cleaned out the produce department. I'm looking forward to our first true day on the plan. (Tonight, we are going to dinner at a friend's house, so no idea what's on the menu.) I'm having a salad at Quizno's for lunch today. I said I wanted a low carb diet, and the daily totals of carbs are around 150. Is that good? I'll have to ask Judy...

More blogging daily, I promise. And less candy.