Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yay Activity!

So, my weekend was fantastic.

We rushed around the apartment like refugees packing up our essentials and stuffing the dogs into the truck to make it to catch the 6:30 ferry. Unfortunately, there was an hour wait, and then we missed the cut-off for the 7:20...We ended up having Pad Thai, which Dov picked up at a little hole in the wall near the Edmonds Ferry dock. It was not great, but it was better than the bag of candy he bought at the market next door...

The dogs did great, except that Bubbles barked at everyone who walked by on the Ferry - unfortunately, we were parked right next to the stairs to the upper deck...

We got into Forks at 10:45 and the Hotel was right out of No Country for Old Men. I wouldn't have stayed in it by myself, but at least it didn't reek of cigarette smoke.

The next morning, we slept in until nearly 9. It was really nice. We ate at the restaurant across the street and I had hash browns and sausage and eggs which I smushed all together. I had some whole wheat toast with it.

We drove out to Cape Flattery and hiked all the way to the point. It was a half hour walk down and 45 minutes back. It was beautiful, and the weather was perfect for walking - not too hot, and overcast enough to keep the sun from burning us to a crisp.

We drove and fished our way past Neah Bay, Port Townsend, Port Angeles and Port Gamble.

We stopped at several beaches along the way and fished. It rained cats and dogs the whole time, and we got soaked. I did catch a nice fish - unfortunately, Dov did not.

We got very excited in Port Angeles when we saw a sign stating $3.72 for regular gas a block up. When we got closer to the building, we discovered the gas station was for lease...

In Port Angeles, we stopped for dinner at a place called Gordie's Pizza & Pasta. We ordered a medium Canadian Bacon & Pineapple pizza and salads. We each had two slices and saved the rest.

We then drove to Eglon Point and fished some more, but we did not catch anything.

We got back to the house at 11pm.

Saturday morning, Dov had to work, and I ended up sleeping until 10am. I had a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast and went to my friend's house for an American Home party. I had a slice of key lime pie, and fortunately, I got to cut my own slice, so I sliced a thin one. We had hot tea. Then Melissa pulled out Lemon Sherbert and I had a small one.

When I got home, I had another slice of pizza for lunch.

For dinner, we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house and had barbecued pork, potato salad and beets with onions. I also had a beer and tortilla chips with guacamole. I was very proud of myself for dishing myself a small portion and not grazing.

Sunday, we had eggs and bacon for breakfast. We drove down to Fry's to return a cable and ended up buying way too much junk...

We went to Burgermaster for lunch. I had a hamburger, fries and a shake. Call it a last hurrah...

For dinner, we had Abby over to meet Bubbles. I bought a veggie tray as an appetizer and served a parmesean artichoke jalapeno dip. We grilled shrimp skewers, had salad, garlic bread, and a flank steak. It was fantastic.

For breakfast Monday, I had scrambeled eggs and an english muffin. For lunch I took a salad and put the remaining shrimps on it. I also took the remaining veggies and snacked on them all afternoon.

For dinner, I had some rye crackers and the parmesean dip. We had the fish I caught on Friday with a little rice. We had marinated it in olive oil, soy sauce and chicken stock. It had no flavor at all.

For breakfast this morning, I had a small bowl of granola.

For lunch, I had a salad from Quiznos.

For dinner, we grilled the leftover shrimp and veggies from dinner Sunday. We also grilled some salmon. We had a small salad.

I walked at lunch and after dinner today. I probably should not have picked the hottest day of the week to do that, but changing into shorts at my desk was an adventure...

I was very proud of myself. Now my foot hurts...