Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Wow! I'm listening to U2's "In A Little While" and he's at that part where he repeats "It's Been Ahwhile" over and over, and I'm thinking, "Irony!"

It HAS been awhile!

Let's catch up!

The vacation was fantastic! We met some great people, and had a fantastic time. I'll have skin cancer for sure from the snorkeling and the resulting sunburn, but it was worth it!. The CrapCam broke on the first day of the vacation, but our friend offered to send some of his pictures.

I took the job I was flown out to Scottsdale to interview for. It's a great company, and I'm glad to be here.

The move went fairly smooth. We punched a hole in one of our IKEA bookcase ends, but it's barely noticeable...thanks to the potted topiary I have sitting in front of it!

Anyway, I've been reading Dave Barry's blog on my lunch breaks. It's an addiction...I find myself thinking about the "Wooden Dialogue Generator" during almost every TV Show I watch now. And WBAGNFARB has become a regular pastime now...I'll post my list sometime.

Now that I'm back in a regular "9-5" situation, I'll be updating my blog a little more regularly...

Glad to be back!