Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The weekend

Friday night we saw Wall-E. I never thought Pixar could pull off a silent movie, but it's very cute. Before we left, we took the rest of our bagged salad mix and sliced up the remaining flank steak that I warmed up in the microwave. It was fantastic.

Saturday, I had cereal for breakfast and the leftover salad with a little shredded Italian Cheese and some more mushrooms. For dinner, I picked up chicken kebabs from Albertsons. Dov picked up Shrimp skewers on his way home, so we had those grilled with another bagged salad with a sliced up avocado and several vegetables. There was a lot of salad left over. I had also boiled some red potatoes, so we had those too. Very tasty!

Sunday, I had toaster waffles and syrup for breakfast. Yummy! Then for lunch I had leftover salad with cheese and a yogurt. And a small box of strawberry whoppers. I was bored. Dov works on the weekends, and the 4th will be the 2nd long weekend I'll spend by myself. (sigh) I need a strategy to fight snacking in the late afternoons. I also had a major headache. For dinner, we went downtown and I had sweet & Sour pork with rice.

Monday, I had the last of the waffles for breakfast. At lunch, I had the leftover sweet & sour pork and a yogurt. In the afternoon, I nibbled on baby carrots. For dinner, we went to Chipotle, and I had a vegetarian burrito. It was really good.

I found a website called Mealmixer.com, where I can print out menus, recipes and shopping lists, and signed up. We went grocery shopping, and even the checkout clerk mentioned how I had cleaned out the produce department. I'm looking forward to our first true day on the plan. (Tonight, we are going to dinner at a friend's house, so no idea what's on the menu.) I'm having a salad at Quizno's for lunch today. I said I wanted a low carb diet, and the daily totals of carbs are around 150. Is that good? I'll have to ask Judy...

More blogging daily, I promise. And less candy.