Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Ghost in the Office

I gave my company WAY TOO MUCH notice that I was leaving. Now I sit in a closet with the marketing items, wondering if I can sell them on eBay, or if they're really useless to anyone outside the business...

The other half of my day is spent wondering if I can just shut the door to the marking closet and sleep, or if anyone would notice if I did.

My contribution to the company now is limited to sorting mail. But soon, that will be taken away from me too.

The only person that has spoken to me so far today is the receptionist when I arrived this morning and we both mumbled hello. Now, when I pass through the lobby, we nod and smile at each other.

One person, who I thought I was friends with, came by with her new baby last week. I found out from someone who asked that afternoon if I had seen the baby. I hadn't. I didn't even know she had been in the office!

I take days off to interview for other companies. Just yesterday, I was flown out to Scottsdale for an interview with a company that has an opening where I'm moving. It felt more like an interrogation than an interview. I still don't know what to think about the job, but I told them I was interested. I've still got a month to generate some excitement or feeling about it.

In the meantime, I linger in this office like a ghost. The ghost of Kristie past...