Saturday, January 13, 2007

Three more weeks

It's amazing how things in the not too distant future will initiate a countdown calendar.

A vacation
A move
A new job

It also amuses me how things that would set me over the edge are made insignificant in light of said countdown calendar.

My husband and I are taking a vacation in three weeks and moving to another state in four. Our tolerance for life's little annoyances has become supremely high, thanks to the countdown calendar.

Something annoys me at work? I tell myself "Three weeks."

Someone pesters my husband four times in 15 minutes? He says to me "Three weeks."

We are very excited about our move. I'm moving closer to my family. My husband is moving closer to blue-ribbon fly-fishing rivers. So we both win!

It will be sad to leave behind his family. They really are great people. But it's not like we'll never visit again. We're leaving the state, not the planet...

So far, we have packed way too many boxes of dvds, cds and books. I am convinced that we'll need nothing but bookcases in our next apartment. How did we acquire so many books?
My husband used to work at a cd store, so that's why we have so many cd's. I, personally, would not have chosen to have so much reggae, but it wasn't my collection. Unfortunately, I have to take the credit (blame?) for a lot of the books. I've been an avid reader since grade school.

I'm worried that just the items we have in our bedroom at my father-in-law's house will take the entire space we have reserved on the freight, we have about half the items we are bringing with us in a storage unit. This is going to be interesting!

Three more weeks...