Monday, July 28, 2008

High-School reunion

So the Jerusalem Chicken was terrific.

I didn't realize that I hadn't posted on Thursday, but I had scrambled eggs for breakfast and left my lunch sitting at home. I went to Taco Time and had a chicken soft taco. And mexi fries. For dinner, I had chicken nuggets. Dov went fishing.

Friday, well, that was an experience. I had granola and blueberries in milk for breakfast and packed myself a peanut butter sandwich and a pear. I ate the sandwich on the road on the way to the funeral. The funeral was a surreal experience where all three congregations from the split were back together again. Richard summed it up as a "Museum of Evangelicals." I called it a high-school reunion where I didn't get the memo it was only for parents. It was good to see everyone again. My high-school english teacher was there. I discovered that our old next door neighbor's oldest daughter (whom I used to babysit, and helped out with when she was brought home from the hospital) turned 20 this year. (You know, you try to ignore the grey hairs...) Two of my old classmates had colon cancer. Another started a church in Mill Creek. Mr. Collord invited me to visit. (That's just a whole lot of dredging I don't want to commit to right now...) Anyway, it was wierd.

Friday night, we went to McFinsters and Dov and I had fish & Chips and shared a Guinness.

Saturday, I spent most of the day playing Tomb Raider. Our downstairs neighbor dutifully filled our apartment with cigarette smoke every hour and a half or so. I got really fed up at 4pm and shouted some choice words out the slider before I slammed it shut. Inexplicably, the truck's alarm started going off 10 minutes later. A-holes. In my fury, the entire living area was straightened and dishes done in a half hour.

For dinner, we roasted some chicken breasts and potatoes and shallots in a little chicken broth. I had a small bowl of ice cream around 9:30 with half the remaining blueberries.

Breakfast Sunday was bacon & scrambled eggs with mushrooms. For lunch I had a chicken soft Taco & mexi fries with my cousin. For dinner, we had shepherds pie made with lamb, carrots, onions and lima beans instead of peas. We also made a recipe called skillet corn, which had frozen corn, cornmeal and sugar sauteed in butter until the corn meal softens. It was interesting. I had a bowl of ice cream and blueberries at 9pm

This morning for breakfast I had mushrooms and egg substitute, which I don't think Dov liked, but he didn't really verbalize it. I packed myself a lunch with red grapes, almonds and a ham & swiss wrap, but I left it. So I bought a Turkey Bacon Guacamole sub from Quiznos and some baked lays. I'm drinking a diet snapple Peach tea.

Melissa and I went walking today, however I wore sandals and now I have a blister forming on my right foot. Oh, well...

I meet with Judy tonight and SRM tomorrow...bracing myself for the worst...