Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New week, new plan

I went to see Judy last night, and discovered I had lost 4 lbs and a 1/2 inch off my waist. Nice! We decided that I need to walk after dinner and to walk every day at lunch.

Whe I had gotten home, Dov had bought steaks, shrimp and salmon, and we used our new grill. He made a salad and everything was perfectly cooked.

After dinner, I had a small bowl of ice cream and a couple of Oreos. There aren't many left...I tried to explain how he couldn't bring my enemies home with him, but he doesn't understand.

For breakfast this morning, I had granola and strawberries.

I took my lunch I packed yesterday, and actually remembered to bring it this time!

At lunch, I went and saw SRM. It was a good visit, and a good outcome. We verified that I have insulin resistance. We did another blood test, and again they had to take it with a syringe. We discussed a few strategies, and Dov and I will talk more about them tonight.

For dinner, we had hamburgers, and Dov went and bought shrimp again. We both had a skewer with green bell pepper and a salad with tomatoes and balsamic vinagrette.

After dinner, we took the dogs up the hill behind our apartment and found a trail through some woods that I didn't know was there. It was great. Wednesday and I have the same fitness level - hardly any. But that will change!

Dov then asked why I don't make him cookies, and I explained that the way he itches to fish, I itch to eat sweets when they are in the house. He said I should turn that into baby-making...He's just full of ideas...