Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's not what you're eating...

So yesterday morning I had granola with dried strawberries for breakfast and a ham sandwich with american cheese for lunch. I had a pear from the Friday before, and discovered that I probably would have broken a tooth if I tried to eat it last week!

For dinner, I made tacos with guacamole but no cheese and had a tapioca cup. Then I had a whole wheat blueberry scone after our Bible Study. (We have a dessert after each one - I'm bringing it next week, so I'll have to find something good.)

I asked them to pray for my friend and that whole situation, so we'll see how God works it out.

I have to say, though, that I was pretty proud of myself for not letting my friend's emotional outburst sabotage my eating.

We didn't get a chance to walk last night, but tomorrow should more than make up for any activity I didn't get today.

Breakfast this morning was granola. Lunch was chicken breast and lettuce wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with low fat ranch dressing. It was dry. I also had some red grapes.

I didn't walk at lunch because I was trying to get some dog food in Woodinville, but the PetSmart there doesn't carry their food. I'll have to stop at the other store on my way home.

Tonight for dinner - we're eating on the road. We decided this morning to drive to Forks tonight so we can fish all day on Friday. That's why I stopped by the pet store at lunch. I ended up buying another harness so Wednesday can sit with Bubbles in the backseat and be ok.

It's a four hour drive. The hotel has a check-in until 11pm, but the man said if I called he'd leave a key out for me. Really looking forward to this fishing trip.

It's going to be a busy weekend - with no forseeable break until the 23rd...

Time to brush up on the serenity prayer...