Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fishing, fishing and more fishing

For dinner last night, I had a bleu cheese burger (a frozen hamburger pattie topped with a tablespoon of bleu cheese with a whole wheat dinner roll as a bun and lettuce and a sliver of onions). I had a large bunch of red grapes with it.

Dov was fishing last night with his friends from work and I got to watch The Producers so I didn't mind so much. However, I ended up eating six poptarts and a huge bowl of rainbow sherbet and a few handfuls of pistachios until Dov called to say when he'd be back.

That was wierd.

For breakfast, Dov and I split an english muffin and had a fried egg and three turkey sausages (they had to be used up or they'd go bad) and I had a glass of orange juice.

Dov did the dishes this morning, which was excellent.

For lunch I packed him a ham sandwich and some grapes.

For myself, I made a ham and cheese sandwich on a cinnamon raisin english muffin. It is supposed to have walnuts and apples and be grilled, but we're out of apples. I also grabbed a large bunch of grapes. I think I like red grapes better than green ones. Eating grapes reminds me of my grandmother. It's her birthday today.

I'm going to find something on Mealmixer for dinner that's quick and doesn't involve a lot of cooking, because the apartment is hot enough as it is!