Thursday, July 10, 2008

Granny is 80 again!

For dinner last night, I made penne pasta with italian sweet sausage, olives, artichoke hearts and the remaining Ragu sauce. I didn't measure it, but I only had one serving (which is an improvement. I usually have two.)

After dinner, Dov and I went to QFC and bought a single chocolate cupcake and took it to my Grandmother for her birthday. She was very excited to see me and said she'd just ride home with me. She's in a nursing home in North Seattle and suffers from dementia. I'm not sure where she thought she was, but she asked if it was a long trip from Seattle. She was also convinced that Jerry (her youngest son) had borrowed her car because she couldn't find her car keys. When we arrived, she said she had planned to take the bus home in the morning, but she'd just ride with us instead. We told her our car was too small, and she said she'd just stay there since she was planning to anyway. (sigh)

We visited her for a little bit and split the cupcake. She had the lions share, and I had a few bites, which I tried to get primarily in cake and not frosting which was almost as voluminous as the cupcake! She really enjoyed her card and kept re-reading it. One of the benefits of dementia is that everything is new. (sigh) One of the downsides is that she kept bringing up my weight. I know she means well, but my past experience has been that after I get about 40 pounds down from where I am now, she'll tell me I'm getting too thin, even though technically, I could lose another 40 to 60 pounds!

On that subject, two people have now commented on how much I'm losing. One of them was Dov, so I wasn't sure, but someone that works in our lobby mentioned it too. Can't wait to see what's on the scale on the 29th!

After visiting with Granny, Dov and I returned home and watched tv while the dogs ran around. I had an Otter pop and Dov had three plus a bowl of rainbow sherbert.

For breakfast this morning, I chopped up two slices of bacon, poured off the fat and scrambled three eggs over the bacon bits. I served it on wheat toast.

For lunch, I had leftover pasta. We must have eaten the majority of the sausage last night, because there were only two pieces in the container, but there were lots of artichoke hearts and about 4 large olives. I also had a bunch of red grapes.

My strategy is to use up what's in the fridge before it goes bad. I might make ground turkey enchiladas for dinner tonight. I only have four tortillas left, so I'll make a small batch and save the rest of the enchilada sauce. OK, now I'm getting hungry...